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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek 4 My Man - Missy Elliott

4 My Man - Missy Elliott

tanulmányozandó szavak


Like yo name is Missy Elliott

My name is Fantasia Barrino

And what I can give you

Is Fantasia Barrino

Holla at ya girl




[Verse 1-Missy (Fantasia)]

Wake up in the morning with my man next to me

Up all night like we on that extacy

Mix with that hennessy

He got the remedy, yeah my nigga into me

Can't say ya simply we

Take a quick shower for the hour conversation

Time to have relations

Love making in the basement

Smack it for the pressure (ooooohhhh yeah)

One minute, two minute, I was no questions

Who would ever think that I'd be giving up the goodies

Walk around naked in a pair of pink footies

Just like them hos at the shows

Half-dressed clothes, doing whatever who knows

Okay (okay)

Nah I only get freaky wit him

No menag¨ trois, not freaky with him

Its just me and my man

Simply me and my man


For my man, I'd do whatever

Cause what I feel, this love it make me do things, make me do things

For my man, my loves forever, my loves forever

Cause what I feel, this love it won't ever change