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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek No More You - Sugababes

No More You - Sugababes

tanulmányozandó szavak

Normally it wouldn’t be me

Act in no spy for the way that I am (Ooh, ooh)

But you did me so damn dirty

That I can’t force myself to give a damn (Ooh, ooh)

You lied to me about this one, that one

Like it was a game that you couldn’t stop playing (playing)

And so I don’t feel not a damn bit guilty that I’m

Showing interest in one of your friends

‘Cause it was what is was and now it is what it is, boy

We’re not together, I couldn’t be more happy (Ooh, oh-oh, ooh, oh-oh, ooh oh-oh, no, no)

Since there’s no more you, I’m finally gonna do me (Ooh, oh-oh, oh)

Imma do what I wanna do

No More You

Said Imma do what I wanna do

No More You

Everything you didn’t like me wearing now

Comes out of that box in the closet (Ooh, ooh)

And the necklace that you gave me

I would have gave it back but I think I lost it (Ooh)