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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek Ready For Whatever - T.I.

Ready For Whatever - T.I.

tanulmányozandó szavak

"Hate the price of fame 'cause it costs too much" (yeah boy)

"And you lame niggas talk too much" (yeah)

"I'm ready for whatever, somebody better tell 'em" (yeah boy)

"I said I'm ready for whatever, hey hey"

[Verse 1]

Even though my head in the clouds, I'm planted on the pavement

How I'm walking around, people stand in amazement

And I play a lot of game on where I be and I ain't playing with it

They so judgmental, everyday they don't understand

If your life was in jeopardy, everyday is you telling me

You wouldn't need weaponry just because of your felony

Consider this at least, I got everybody sweating me

On the streets is people who won't rest unless I rest in peace

Killed my folk a year ago, still in my sleep they threaten me

Paranoia stressing me, ain't nobody protecting me

I'm dealing with the pressure from my partner dying next to me

Think 'cause no one's arrested, they coming for me eventually

This was all the things I was going through mentally

This could be the reason I ignored the penitentiary

Now mention them New Orlean niggas coming in the city

Killing all summer long, ain't nobody paying attention


Now is it that hard to understand if you listen

Either die or go to jail, that's a hell of a decision

But I'm wrong and I know that my excuses aren't important