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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek What's Good - Toni Braxton

What's Good - Toni Braxton

tanulmányozandó szavak

Can I share something with you ladies

(Whats that)

I've been all wrong about my baby

(Well alright)

That ain't meant for you to get me wrong I ain't no stranger love

But this is diffrent (I can't put my finger on it)

But its diffrent (And ooh I really want)

Cause I really need a swagger

Forgive me if I brag

It's like a house I never left Like a fever I want to catch

Like a mountain that's worth the climb I'm talking about this man of mine

It's like money I wanna to spend

My homie lover friend

He'll be with me to the end

And he never fell me yet

So I give him

Good loving in the morning (I got that)

And late in the evening (Umm I got that)

And I hold him tight

And I let him know

Daddy everything is alright

Now what's good (I got all the love that he needs)

What's good (Coming with it just the way he need it now)

What's good (Off top you know it won't stop)

He can get all of my love

Now the thing that I love the most (What's that)