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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek Freshy (feat. Juicy J) - Will.i.am

Freshy (feat. Juicy J) - Will.i.am

tanulmányozandó szavak

[Verse: Will.I.Am]

Fly kicks, fly wear, fly gear, fly chair

Fly swag, fly bag, fly niggas that ain't fly shit

Your chick, she know, for real, she know

Can't tell motherfucker, I won't go, icy, stay cold

This car right here I made, I made

I am, I am, I stay paid

You didn't know? Now you do

Motherfucker like me stay cool

Iglu, iglu, iglu, cool

Big willy, stay chilly

My money so funny is silly

Look at you, look at me

Look at these, nigga please

What's this in my pocket?

This not if I lie

Big dollar, big dollar, paper guap

[Chorus: Will.I.Am]

What's that? Oh, this?

Freshy, freshy

Freshy, freshy, yep

What's that? Oh, this?

This here?

Freshy, freshy

Come and look at this, nigga only here with

[Verse: Juicy J]

High price my cloth, overprice my hoes

New hoes, no fisc,

Make account, lot of chips

Get brain your bitch

She loves lot of cash

Going broke ain't an option

If I want it I'mma have it

Hundred K, that's nothing