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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek Dos Equis (feat. The Game & RBX) - Xzibit

Dos Equis (feat. The Game & RBX) - Xzibit

tanulmányozandó szavak

I'm a plastic surgeon, dick shape face,

I got Nascar novels, I was build to race.

Gone the long hot summer, I was gone through space,

It's the next best thing, making soda and base.

It ain't the drill at a hun', it ain't the people we're chasing

Or these bitches that you came to toot, is basically basic.

I'm getting white boy wasted, I'm waking up with a poor start,

She walking around naked like she my personal all star.

I push one button and boom: "hey, baby, how can I serve you today? "

Pussy wet like a typhoon. Ass is unreal, it look like a cartoon,

Immaculate back stroll, anal and deep throat,

Whatever the fuck I want you get to make it happen,

Powder her nose and she never take a break in the action.

Shit, I'm about to miss my flight. First class to London, fucking with you all night.

Act up in this motherfucker, spending all my money on her,

Because I don't care blowing kush in the air,

Dropping car, feeling like spaceships, riding with models and stripping ace in the club,

Show international girls how to do it with dub, while my chain swing left to right,

Came with the party with you, do it all night.

My money never run out, we party 'till the sun out,

We have Patron shots, so we know we're about to come out.

From west to uncut, working at home,

From BJ to YJ, now the J grown

One click of the wrist, I compare her to gun flight patrol,

On your turn flight to predator draw more.

Not to mention Pitbull bully razor heads, bloodline, Wu-Tang fans, police,