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which kiejtés itt angol

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Példák filmekből

That means he was looking at your body, which means he thinks you're doable.
Superstar - Sky Breaks Up with Evian
which pretty much makes me a vegetarian.
Pulp Fiction - Big Kahuna Burger
- Here's a pamphlet which reviews your options.
Alien Abortion - Uncensored
Which is why we were hoping that you would help us.
Date Night - You Two Make Sex With Us?
which is why God took your wife
John Wick - I'm Back
He lives on a liquid diet of strong alcoholic cider, which he makes from his apples.
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Boggis, Bunce and Bean
Which means you won't become officially missing...
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
Which means I'll probably be dead by then.
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
which doth cease to be ere one can say "It lightens".
Romeo + Juliet - 1,000 Times Goodnight
provisions which will help us break into your elegant home.
The Purge - Please Just Let Us Purge
which is a little different.
Pitch Perfect - Fat Amy
which she has done in an effort to get rid of her own guilt.
To Kill a Mockingbird - Mayella's Guilt
Which reminds me, I gotta take a leak right now.
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
Which is saying something, because I've slimmed down quite a bit.
Horton Hears a Who! - I'm Holding the Speck
- Let's have a little look at you. Which wrist is it? - Right.
Death Becomes Her - Medical Mystery
The last one, I might add, which, if you're too stupid to comprehend,
Clerks - 37 Cocks
And, which world did you just come from, sir?
Westworld - Delos Commercial
I had to make sure he bathed, which was embarrassing.
Proof - Glad He's Dead
to review the several ways in which you're a douchebag.
Charlie Wilson's War - Another Broken Window