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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Sick - Adelitas Way

Sick - Adelitas Way

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I'm so sick of me, being sick of you,

And the way you look, all the things you do,

You drive me crazy, drive me crazy

Sick of being broke, can't pay the rent

I'm about to snap, I can't handle this

I'm going crazy, going crazy (going crazy)

If you're sick like me

There's no stopping now,

Try to break it up

And just let it out

If I was sick like you,

I would feed the fire

I would light it up

And watch it all drop down

I'm so sick of life

It's the same old trip,

Try to make it bend,

But it never gives

Look what you made me (what you made me)

Well I hate my boss,