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I had the pleasure of meeting him.
I had the pleasure to meet him.

Also take pleasure in: He takes great pleasure in helping others.

The school builds good character.
The school builds good characters.

The plural form characters denotes the letters of the alphabet or the people in a book or play.

I don't remember to have seen him.
I don't remember seeing him.
Also possible:
I don't remember having seen him.
The man shot the bird with a gun.
The man shot the bird by a gun.

When you warn to show the means or the instrument with which the action is done, use with. By denotes the order of the action: The bird was shot by the man.

The following take by and not with: by hand, by post, by phone, by one's watch, by the hour, by the dozen, by the metre.

The Euripides' tragedies are famous.
Euripides' tragedies are famous.

Don't use the definite article with proper nouns in the possessive case.

If the name ends in an s or x or is difficult to pronounce with the extra syllable 's we omit the final s. Maria Callas' voice is divine.

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