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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Love Makes The World Go Round - Ashlee Simpson

Love Makes The World Go Round - Ashlee Simpson

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Here...here I am again

And I´m starin at these same four walls

Alone again

And now all the colors blend

And I´m growing up and i´ve become this empty page

Hold on it´s tragic stumblin through all this static

I just wanna talk to you my broken heart just has no use

I, I guess promises are better left unsaid...yeah

Everytime you try to tell me

You say the words that i´m the only

But i´m the one whose crawlin on the ground

When you say love makes the world go round

My love (my love) look at what you´ve done to me

For someone who has felt so strong it´s amazing i´m completely gone