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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música I'll Be There - Bad Wolves

I'll Be There - Bad Wolves

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I've dug these graves and laid with the brave

But the better part of me of course was a slave

I've seen bands on bands makin' bitches all dance

And I wonder the way they b-b-b-behave

They say jump

You say how high

They scream Trump

You fucking just cry

And it's like click, click, click at the firing range

It's just another nigga begging for change

I'm coming up

I don't care

Not giving up

This I swear

So give it up

Don't be scared

Step by step

I'll be there

We're coming up

I've rolled four, five, six with the flick of a wrist

It's just indicative vibes remain clear

It's like look who's shook 'cause I rewrote the book

But you niggas never conquered your fears

And you're afraid-fraid

You'll never be made

Because your deep inner voice has retired

You're a day late

A dollar short