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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Ice-T/Freedom of Speech - Body Count

Ice-T/Freedom of Speech - Body Count

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A-yo ice, man. i'm working on this term paper for college. what's the

First amendment?

Freedom of speech, that's some motherfuckin' bullshit

You say the wrong thing, they'll lock your ass up quick

The fcc says "profanity - no airplay"?

They can suck my dick while i take a shit all day

Think i give a fuck about some silly bitch named gore?

Yo pmrc, here we go, raw

Yo tip, what's the matter? you ain't gettin' no dick?

You're bitchin' about rock'n'roll, that's censorship, dumb bitch

The constitution says we all got a right to speak

Say what we want tip, your argument is weak

Censor records, tv, school books too

And who decides what's right to hear? you?

Hey pmrc, you stupid fuckin' assholes

The sticker on the record is what makes 'em sell gold

Can't you see, you alcoholic idiots

The more you try to suppress us, the larger we get

[you have the right to remain silent]

Fuck that right! i want the right to talk

I want the right to speak, i want the right to walk

Where i wanna, yell and i'm gonna

Tell and rebel every time i'm on a

Microphone on the stage cold illin'

The knowledge i drop will be heard by millions

We ain't the problems, we ain't the villains

It's the suckers deprivin' the truth from our children

You can't hide the fact, jack

There's violence in the streets every day, any fool can recognise that

But you try to lie and lie