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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Soldier - Citizen Soldier

Soldier - Citizen Soldier

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Just another day on the front line, forced to apologize

For being who I am but you better understand

I'm taking back all this wasted time feeling like a landmine

You know I like it rough, I'm feeling dangerous

I've been hit, flip the switch

I'm done swallowing your cyanide

Somethings snapped, watch your step

Now I'm ready to ignite

Maybe I'm a misfit, maybe I'm a no one

Push me to the dirt, yeah, the one you always spit on

I am not worthless, I don't deserve this

No, I will not take this, won't be faceless now it's time to say it

You better bite your tongue, I'm about to come undone

Now my moment is here, I'm not the only one

Singing maybe I'll fight, maybe when I'm older

But if I face you now maybe I'm a soldier

Insecurity personified, bully born to run and hide

You take your sticks and stones cut me down to the bone