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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Save Our Last Goodbye - Disturbed

Save Our Last Goodbye - Disturbed

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"Please leave a message after the tone"

"Hey just calling you back doing

Pretty good today actually

Didn't throw up at all.

Yeah tomorrow I got this procedure

I think everything's gonna go smooth there is all.

I'm hoping anyways.

I need some good news for once."

Don't wanna hear it's over

What a rude awakening

Angel of death has come and rid you from my lies

I can't stand the devastation

Relentless agony

Hope that I get to see you on the other side

The sky has turned as black as night

Now you're gone it just isn't right

Save our last goodbye

Embedded in my mind

Your face will never leave me

Save out last goodbye

It's killing me that I won't get

To hear your laughter anymore