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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Tattoo - Hunter Hayes

Tattoo - Hunter Hayes

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I could spray paint 'I love you' on that bridge or in the sky

And I could swear when you say it to me,

there's a good chance I can fly.

And I might, it seems like, yeah.

If it's gonna be any night, might as well be tonight.

There's this thing that you do, you don't know,

that it does something to me, yeah

It's in the way that you sway, that you talk,

that you touch, that you kiss, that you breathe.

And I mean, look at me girl,

you're shaking things up like you wouldn't believe.

Crashin' my comfort zone, set me free.

It's a 'who'd a thought, never dream' kind of thing.

Your name, your name, sounds so good next to mine.

Just sayin' and I think, I think,

I'm gonna put it in all my rhymes, baby.

Cause with you, I'm gonna do,

quite a few things that I never thought I would do.

Your name, your name, your name,