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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música When Will It Rain - Jackyl

When Will It Rain - Jackyl

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When will it rain, I feel the heat burning through my shoes

Soft shoulders are getting harder adding to my blues

Can't count the days gone by, can't wish away the stain

On the life behind me from which I came

The heat is getting hotter

The day is getting longer

The sun will show no mercy, my nights are spent in vain

I chose this long road and on it I remain

When will it rain

When will it rain

Can't stand this heat from the road, can't stand the pain

When will it rain

It's burning holes in my shoes, won't you tell me

When will it rain

I think I'm going insane

When will it rain

I'm on the road that will never take me home

When will it rain

When will it rain my mouth is as dry as desert sand

And I've tried to hide in every corner of this land