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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Shut Up - LaFee

Shut Up - LaFee

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This song is for you, baby,

for makin' a fool of me

Why don't you kiss my behind?

I really had faith in you

but you betrayed me. Too

bad that love is blind

But now that I got you tied

up I'm a-quite sure

that you know this ain't gonna fly

There is no need to try

and kiss up to me

your stupid lies won't save you this time

I hate you!

Shut up, shut up!

Cryin' won't help you

get your sorry ass outta this

Shut up, shut up!

I don't want no part of your

shitty "pity me" bit

Shut up, shut up!

I'm sick and tired of your

wimpy-ass bullshit

Shut up, shut up!

Get the fuck out of my life!

You are dismissed, boy,

go find a new toy

I don't give a shit what you do

We are over and done,

Mr. Hit-and-Run