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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Falling Free - Madonna

Falling Free - Madonna

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When I move a certain way

I feel an ache I'd kept at bay

A hairline break that's taking hold

A metal that I thought was gold

And pure so sure I'd struck a vein

I wanted you to feel the same

So when you did ignite a spark

Rescue me from all this dark

See our hearts are intertwined

Then I'm free, free of mine

I'm falling free

And see our hearts are intertwined

And then I'm free, I'm free of mine

Deep and pure our hearts align

And then I'm free, I'm free of mine

When I raise a certain wing

And crawl beneath that growing thing

It throws a shadow over time

And keeps yours falling next to mine

Your days were meant to fly and do

I fall and fold mine into you

And what you take is just enough