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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Automatic - Miranda Lambert

Automatic - Miranda Lambert

Letras de músicas
palavras para memorizar

Quarter in a payphone

Drying laundry on the line

Watching Sun Tea in the window

Pocket watch tellin' time

Seems like only yesterday I'd get a blank cassette

Record the country countdown 'cause I couldn't buy it yet

If we drove all the way to Dallas just to buy an Easter dress

We’d take along a Rand McNally, stand in line to pay for gas

God knows that shifting gears ain’t what it used to be

I learned to drive that 55 just like a queen, three on a tree

Hey, whatever happened to waitin' your turn

Doing it all by hand,

'Cause when everything is handed to you

It's only worth as much as the time put in

It all just seemed so good the way we had it

Back before everything became automatic