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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música We Run This - Missy Elliott

We Run This - Missy Elliott

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My style can’t be duplicated or recycled

This chick is a sick individual

Sick tape vol. 2

Believe it

Ho… Ho…

Let me switch up the game

[Verse 1]

I drink that cognac

Step back cause I might put it on ya

I go deep so deep till you sleep

Count sheep wake you from f***ing all week

You don’t to have to show ya

How freakish I act when im not sober

Whut up & tow up sho nuff

I ain’t scared to take it off (tell the freak to take it off)

Tipsy & I feel good (feel good)

Black dudes got big woods

Into I do it I dun it

If you really really want it then stop frontin (stop frontin)

Boy you know im your type (your type)

5’2 and wear my jeans real tight

My curves they swerve so superb

My word’s my word and I came to slurr it


We run this (run this)

We run this (run this)

We run this (run this)

Oh, oh, oh,

It don’t matter where you from it’s where you at

& if you came to freak-a-leak you better bring your hat

East coast, west coast, down south

Represent your coast

Yea we run it

Yea we run it

Yall don’t want it

Cause my coast run it


We run this s***

We run this s***

[Verse 2]

Wanna pull my hair

Break my back

Put it right money might ??

Back to back you can’t even keep track

It’s a fact freaks like to get slap

Suck my toes & then a back rub

I don’t come to do it

I just wanna be touched

Look at how yall are makin me blush

got enough to go round ??

Wanna run that tush in a bush

Don’t my diamonds look real good

& they shine so hard that it glitters

Too many carats they look like critters

& we can do it all night

Take a flashlight you see up in my windpipe

I like the ? up in your height