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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Throw Ya Gunz - Onyx

Throw Ya Gunz - Onyx

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Take em out, take em out, bring em out dead

Shine em up, shine em up, shine the bald head

One gun, two gun, three gun, four

You're, mine, it's all about crime

Onyx! (echoes)

Verse One: Fredro Starr

It's time to get live, live, live like a wire

I set a whole choir on fire (UHH!)

Well done, on the grill, shot skills kills

and no frills - they try to diss me? They gettin crispy

Ha, ha hah hah, AND WE DO IT LIKE THIS

In fact, ?? ?? and jack Jack's

Cause they can burn in hell shit for all that I care

Beware the bald head the dread said is they fear

Stick-up's assassin, traction new reaction

These fuckin niggaz shoulda made the All Madden

Onyx is wreckin shit, slip slide step quick

?? ?? Infinite that gets crashed like a rented

The shit they write is black and white; well mines got mad color

Ain't that right, my blood brother?

Word up, raise it up!

We do it with the crew that don't give a fuck

So throw ya gunz in the air, throw ya gunz in the air

Buck buck like you don't care

Verse Two: Suave

Uh-oh!! Heads up, cause we're droppin some shit

On your now shot-skills, Onyx tec-9 for a while

Keep your eyes open in the fight, I'ma swell em

The hardcore style, rowdy n wild, hits I'ma sell em (sell em)

To all competition slide back then listen