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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Could've Had Everything - Pink

Could've Had Everything - Pink

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Heaven's sake everyone

For standin' in my way

For ruinning all my fun

You say your doing it for my sake

I thought I did my best

It was nearly good enough

But all that effort I guess

It didn't add up to very much

It hurts me when you call

I hate the way your thinkin'

I could have so easily had it all

I could've had everything,

I could've had everything

This perfect life I'm in,

Screwin' myself over

I could've had everything

I should have had everything

You almost got me thinking

I'm screwing myself over

Screwin' myself over

They say that madness is

Doing a thing the same way

You hope it's gonna turn out different

But ya doing it anyway