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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Underworld - Running Wild

Underworld - Running Wild

Letras de músicas
palavras para memorizar

Evil souls and blackest hearts, lurking in the night

A darkened race, so mean and sly, they keep away from light

Ancient words tell dreadful tales about the other side

About its world where demons live and where the evil hides

They invade the world with war and pain to save their evil aim

Their power's built on blackest lies, but man will pay its price

Underworld, the centre of the blackest heart

Underworld, where the evil side hides in the dark

They've ruled the world through history, the lords of war and crime

Military and government, they're brought into line

Men in black, they cover up the sight of U.F.O.'s

Their power's save as long as there is no one who knows!