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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Out Of The Blue - Ryan Leslie

Out Of The Blue - Ryan Leslie

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I light a candle for you tonight


Said I reminisce on you, babe

Reminisce on you



[Verse 1:]

Should've spend more time

Been a part of your life

And made you more part of mine

Guess it's too late now

I should've been a better friend

I done my best to understand you

Still it's hard to think that we're done

We through


Now what would you do

Tell me

If I left you out of the blue

Would you fight back tears while your heart gets torn to pieces

Cause that what I did when you

Left me out of the blue

Love can feel so good and then suddenly it's over


[Verse 2:]

I should've been more true

Takin' better care of you

Like I was supposed to

Guess it's too late now

I should've told you how I felt