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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música 22nd Street - Sting

22nd Street - Sting

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You'll see me walking in the streets at night

Just following the sound of my lonely feet

I'm relinquishing of all control

My mind's in tactical retreat

I doubt you even live here still

But it quickens up the pace of my heartbeat

When I find myself by accident

On 22nd Street

All the years, since bittersweet

Are chapters in a story book

That still is incomplete

The falling leaves will tumble to defeat

But nothing's ever changed round here

On 22nd Street


Every time I'm at the spot I remember

22nd was the place I met the girl of dreams

A bright sunny day in November

Such a beautiful sight staring right back at me

To get yuh body was my goal

But yuh fit perfectly ina di wifey roll