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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Situation's Heavy - Sugababes

Situation's Heavy - Sugababes

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Making decisions about my life

It's up to me and I start to try

I can't keep running away

Trust my instincts right or wrong

Refusing help try to be strong

I'll fight this one today

Here's my point of view

Wouldn't wanna offend you

Wanna do the best to prove

Push your face ain't gonna lose

Deep and twisted but I refuse

Don't want advice but help to choose

I'll just walk these tracks alone

Use it as a stepping stone


Trying to face it all alone

Had to find my own way home

No matter how hard it may be

The situation's heavy

I'm not growing old before my time

Even when there's warning signs

That consequently I can see

The situation's heavy, heavy

How am I supposed to know

Where I want my life to go

If you always hold the plan

And maybe I will learn to lead

It will be my own mistakes