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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música The Mass Of The Earth - The Agonist

The Mass Of The Earth - The Agonist

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I just wrote to tell you this;

I did just my very best

I went far but got stuck there

I picked up the pieces, I was your vigilant soldier

but the mass of the earth just weighed too heavily on me

How can truth be opinion?

How can fact be right and wrong?

The familiar turned strange, good and evil unhinged.

My utilitarian comfort unsettled

Consequentialist moral reasons categorically examined

Self-knowledge is a loss of innocence!

I heard your call to arms

set off the doomsday alarm,

but never heard back

So, I set out alone

I don't believe all I've been shown

A quest for truth and fact

I passed a desert town

Uninhabitable pastures of ash brown

Abandoned structures littered like an Aerstan scene

But then desperate people appeared

They had lived in constant drought for ten years

ever since pollution got the best of them -- wiped them clean

So, I thought "I'll take their curse away!