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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Getting Jiggy With It - Will Smith

Getting Jiggy With It - Will Smith

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on your mark ready set let's go

dance floor pro I know you know

I go psycho when my new joint hit

just can't sit

gotta get jiggy wit it

ooh that's it

now honey honey come ride

DKNY all up in my eye

you gotta Prada bag with alotta stuff in it

give it to your friend let's spin

everybody lookin' at me

glancin' the kid

wishin' they was dancin' a jig

here with this handsome kid

ciga-cigar right from Cuba-Cuba

I just bite it

it's for the look I don't light it

illway the an-may on the ance-day oor-flay

givin' up jiggy make it feel like foreplay

yo, my car, yo its Infinite-

ha ha

Big Willie Style's all in it

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It


na na na na na na na nana

na na na na nana

gettin jiggy wit it

repeat 3x