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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Crazy (feat. B-Real, Demrick & Jelly Roll) - Xzibit

Crazy (feat. B-Real, Demrick & Jelly Roll) - Xzibit

Letras de músicas
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We too hungry so most games we don't play

Get lifted like toupees 'til next Tuesday

Dick-riders are gay, known to go both ways

Yeah you lovin my shit, ohh you don't say

This a new meanin of dead right

Put 'em to bed with a lead pipe, lights out, good night

This ain't a song that the choir sing

This is aviation, deader nation, devastatin e'rything

Wipe the canvas clean, life ain't a fantasy

I get lit like kerosene and people start panicking

And this the natural laws of attraction

My words cut through like saws and axes

I bring the flames like the son of Sampson

My crew (Bring the Pain) like Wu-Tang Clan did

Couldn't spend a day in these shoes I stand in

Take off, no landin, the world gon' crash in

Hennessy and kush deadly combination

The only way I'm feelin safe is if I got my gun

Bodies disappearin on the daily baby

I keep tellin myself I don't wanna die

So I smoke green, stay high as a motherfucker

No games, you be gone tryin to run up on us

People die for less on the strength of nothin

If you ain't got your gun hidden in a close stash you crazy!

Ohh you crazy

Yeah, yeah we know about that new shit they got jumpin off man

Y'all better get aboard that shit

Big Tray Deee in this motherfucker

Give it up for my nigga

Eastside up homie

What you know about dyin over dumb shit? (DAMN!)

What you know about runnin from the government?