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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Natural Disaster - Zac Brown Band

Natural Disaster - Zac Brown Band

Letras de músicas
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Had lips like candy

Hair floated like water

Skin like velvet made

The whole damn world slow down

She was a preacher's daughter

Never did what daddy taught her

And the rebel in her soul

Brought her to me

The river was cold

And the river was wide

She flowed from the mountain

Straight across the great divide

And her heart ran cold

But her love runs deep

She's fire on the mountain

Wrecking everyone she meets

She's like rain when she rolls in

But that sunshine in her thunder

Makes the loneliest heart wonder

If the ride is worth the pain

Might not be storm clouds inside

Oh but don't you worry friend

She's coming around the bend

She's holding lightning in both hands