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Перевод (по клику) и текст песни Forever - Kid Rock

Forever - Kid Rock

Текст Песни
слова на изучение

I'm back (back) the fog is lifted

The earth has shifted and raised the gifted

You knew I'd be back so pack your bone

And hit the road jack cuz daddy's home

With the funky hot riffs

Tick like Al Rocker

Pumpin out hits

Gettin chips like Oprah

Bitch I told ya

Do not hate

Or question the music I make

I make punk rock and I mix it with the hip hop

I get you higher than a tree top

You wanna roll with the kid rock

I make southern rock

And I mix it with the hip hop

I got money like fort knox

I'll forever be the kid rock


The junkies are

Still cigar puffin

Still the same cuz I ain't changed nothin

Huffin and puffin I got you rookies

All in check doin the redneck boogie

The king is back to retract the whack

Repacked my sack with a double back pack

Forget all that I'm still singing

And like kids on monkey bars I'm still swingin

Thought I got dusty

Thought I'd get rusty

Thought I'd get rick and quit oh he must be fat and ugly

Broke black and blue

But I'm trim fit rich and I'm back for round two

Red white and the pabst blue ribbon

Dead right that's how I'm livin'