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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
I went to the baker's to take bread.
I went to the baker's to buy bread.

Never use take in the sense of buy.

We rejoiced at her success.
We rejoiced for her success.
Also possible:
We rejoiced in her success.
Shall we go there on foot?
Shall we go there with the feet?
A sandstorm covered our clothes with dust.
A sandstorm dusted our clothes.

To dust doesn't mean to cover with dust, but to remove dust from: After sweeping, she dusted the furniture.

If he would ask me, I would stay.
If he asked me, I would stay.

Express an improbable condition by the past tense and use the conditional in the main clause. This use of the past tense doesn't indicate a time but a degree of probability.

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