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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
Our teacher is very nervous today.
Our teacher is very angry today.

Nervous means to be easily frightened or upset and can be a temporary or permanent condition. Angry describes someone's mood at a given moment.

Please give me another book.
Please give me one other book.

Another is formed from an and other, but instead of being written an other it's written as one word another.

They stood outside of the door.
They stood outside the door.
I've read the two first chapters.
I've read the first two chapters.

Place ordinal numerals before cardinal numerals. There can't be two first chapters, only one. Similarly, we must say: The last two (three, etc.), and not The two (three, etc.) last.

No-one has been hung in Britain since 1964.
No-one has been hanged in Britain since 1964.
We hanged the picture on the wall.
We hung the picture on the wail.

When the reference is to killing a person or animal by hanging, we use the form hanged. In other cases, the form is hung. The principal parts of the two verbs are: hang, hanged, hanged; hang, hung, hung.

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