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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
Half the year is nearly finished.
The half year is nearly finished.

Half the year is shortened form of half of the year.

Can you supply me all I need?
Can you supply me with all I need?

Also provide a person with: She provided her son with all he needed.

I, you, we, and etc. are pronouns.
I, you, we, etc., are pronouns.

Etc. is the short form of et cetera, a Latin phrase meaning and other things. The combination and etc. is wrong because it would mean and and other things.

However, students are advised to avoid using etc. in an essay and to use phrases such as and other things, and so on instead.

A thief is a danger to the society.
A thief is a danger to society.

Use the definite article if society is used (1) in a particular sense: The society of the Greeks was based on freedom; (2) in the sense of companionship:  enjoy the society of my friends.

Tim speaks the English very well.
Tim speaks English very well.

Never use the definite article before the names of languages.

We can say: He speaks the English language very well.

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