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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
All her money is kept in the bank.
All her money are kept in the bank.

Money is a singular noun and always takes a singular verb and pronoun.

If he'll ask me, I will stay.
If he asks me, I will stay.

Use the present tense in a future conditional in the if clause and the future tense in the main clause

But the future tense may be used in an if clause expressing a request: If you will/'ll give me some money I will/'ll buy you a drink.

Do you like to see my collection?
Do you want to see my collection?

Do you like to do something? means do you enjoy doing it as a habitual action. Do you want to do something? means do you wish to do it now.

I would/'d like means I want: I would/'d like (= I want) to play tennis today. Would you like (= do you want) to go for a walk with me? Would/'d like is more polite than want.

The goalkeeper plays very well.
The goalkeeper plays very good.

Good is an adjective only, and we can't use it as an adverb

Can you give a better example?
Can you bring a better example?
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