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Распространенные ошибки

Choose the correct option
A girl has a pony who is in our class.
A girl who is in our class has a pony.

Put the relative clause immediately after the noun to which it refers.

Enclose a relative clause that may be omitted between commas: My brother George, who is in another class, has a new bicycle. A relative clause that can't be omitted is not enclosed within commas: The boy who spoke to me is my brother.

Afterwards we went home for dinner.
After we went home for dinner.

After is a preposition and we must use it with an ob|ect. Afterwards, then, after that are adverbs of time and we can use them alone.

My uncle has a garden very large.
My uncle has a very large garden.

Put the adjective immediately before the noun it qualifies.

She got to school later than I did.
She got to school latter than I did.

Later refers to time. Latter refers to order and means the second of two things just mentioned: Alexandria and Cairo are large cities. The latter has a population of over a million. The opposite of latter is former.

I suspect Kate for stealing the pen.
I suspect Kate of stealing the pen.

Also suspicious of: Dogs are suspicious of strangers.