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Перевод (по клику) и текст песни (No More) What Ifs - Natasha Bedingfield

(No More) What Ifs - Natasha Bedingfield

Текст Песни
слова на изучение

All the could-be's buzzin' 'round

My mind a thousand-timely cloud

And now I can not see the sun

All the worries on my list

Rush like lamings off a cliff

I'm powerless to save even one

All my friends tell me I'm thinking too much

It's not over 'til it's over

Because today is trouble enough

Live tomorrow, 'til tomorrow

I'm not jinxing what could be

Second guessing what I see

There is you and there is me

No what if's

My crossing fingers knocking wood

'cause worrying about we could

Spoil the moment when it's good

No more what ifs


One day's

If only's

That intro's looping on and on

Don't really get to feel the song

When it's only playing in my head