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Перевод (по клику) и текст песни Alcatraz - Nazareth

Alcatraz - Nazareth

Текст Песни
слова на изучение

Now lay me down on market street

I’m lookin’ for some spare change

A coast guard ship has been lookin’ for me

And I might have to change my name

Here comes Uncle Sam again with the same old bag of beans

The local chief’s on the radio

He’s got some hungry mouths to feed

Goin back to Alcatraz

Lay me back down here on the highway

One hundred and one ways to go

Solitary is so confinin’

To the legend of Geronimo

Oh I know I could bring the rain

Used to dance for ABC

And all the braves down on death row

Are pretending to be free

Back home in Alcatraz