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Перевод (по клику) и текст песни Running From You - Saving Abel

Running From You - Saving Abel

Текст Песни
слова на изучение

I say goodbye to the rearview mirror

As a silhouette fades of you

Well I hope you think that I'll be back someday,

Someday I'll only be back just to leave you again

Ooo, I've only come back just to leave you again and again

I guess I'll never leave

I'm running from you

Can I get any further away?

It feels like the first time...I've been in love

If I'm running from you

Will you follow me down to the end?

If I fall again, will you say goodbye?

Will you say goodbye? Yeah yeah...

I pulled into this town and I'm knocking on your door

Before the morning sun sets