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Как произносится слово personally

  • персонально
  • сам
  • собственной персоной
  • что касается меня, его и т.п.

Примеры из фильмов c Personally

I will personally have you both arrested.
Valkyrie - No Handed
How do we write our own histories, personally or culturally,
The Da Vinci Code - Symbols
to let one of these off the chain, and I personally guarantee you
Iron Man - The Jericho
so I can personally levitate his soul from his body.
Kick-Ass 2 - Justice Forever
You mean, did you personally come and pee on my rug?
The Big Lebowski - I'm the Dude
Key members of Parliament have personally observed this subject.
Serenity - Fall on Your Sword
Personally, I think it's a marvelous idea.
The Founder - Milkshake
One day, I will personally teach you a lesson...
Open Season 2 - Vicious Wild Animals
Of course, I didn't know them personally.
Baby Boom - Inheriting a Baby

Аудио произношение Personally

Американское произношение

Personally произнесенно Ivy (Ребёнок, девочка)
Personally произнесенно Joanna (девушка)
Personally произнесенно Kendra (девушка)
Personally произнесенно Kimberly (девушка)
Personally произнесенно Salli (девушка)
Personally произнесенно Joey (мужчина)
Personally произнесенно Justin (Ребёнок, мальчик)
Personally произнесенно Matthew (мужчина)

Британское произношение

Personally произнесенно Amy (девушка)
Personally произнесенно Emma (девушка)
Personally произнесенно Brian (мужчина)