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6ix9ine - DUMMY (feat. TrifeDrew) lyrics with translation (on click)

DUMMY (feat. TrifeDrew) - 6ix9ine

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Daytrip took it to ten (Hey)

I spent some days in the trap and got my money up (Yeah)

Bust it down, the Rollie, now she tryna fuck (Yeah, ah)

And now she fiendin' all up on me just like I’m a drug (Yeah)

I remember back when y'all wouldn't show me love (Yeah, ah)

Jaguar truck on the freeway (Woah)

You can catch me ballin’ on the replay (Woah, oh)

Saint Laurent jacket, it's 3K (Woah)

I been with the same gang since Pre-K' (Woah, oh)

Get the money, stack it with my niggas

I remember trappin' with my niggas

Now we overseas in a villa

Goin' back, we won't consider

I remember days we was starvin'

Still finessin', we was juggin’, we was robbin’

I was comin' off the bench, I wasn’t starting

Now I'm out here ballin' like I'm Harden

And I make sure my day ones straight, stay with my gang