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Exercises for learning English

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Video trainings

These exercises will help you learn english with the help of videos

Vocabulary trainings

These exercises will help you increase your vocabulary

Learning English online with the help of games and exercises. Three main principles.

Sometimes attempts to learn English on your own are compared with the intention to build up muscles, leafing through bodybuilding magazines. You have already collected all the necessary textbooks, found the most advanced training course, but everything you know is “London is Capital of the…” What's the matter? How can you get things going?

Learning English with the help of textbooks and conversation book is the thing of the past. If you want to learn to speak, read and write in the Shakespeare and Hawking language, all you need is a good online resource, strong self-motivation and knowledge of the three principles of independent language learning.

І. Principle of fascinating immersion

Language environment is a must for learning English. And for this it is not necessary to go to English-speaking countries. Competently selected video material on our website successfully replaces the conversation of native speakers. Excerpts from movies, TV serials, TV shows, catch phrases of your favorite movie characters create an effect of presence, immerse you in an English speaking environment. First, you learn to extract familiar words from the speech by ear, then the whole phrases and you begin to understand the meaning of the text.

We did not just select interesting video for studying English. Video is provided with subtitles, with which you can work: stop, translate, listen to the required number of times and begin to study them. Thus, using scenes from TV serials and movies, we’ve created fascinating games for learning English.

ІІ. Principle of non-boring memorization and repetition

Linguists say: to remember the rule of spelling and pronunciation of a word, you need to repeat it in eight different contexts. Why in eight? The answer is buried in linguistic depths. We believe that a tenfold repetition does not guarantee memorization, if it is boring.

English exercises on our website are divided into video and vocabulary trainings. Neither of them is oriented to mechanical repetition. We have used so much methods and forms of work with a word or phrase, for the exercises to be diverse, not repetitive and not boring

Video Exercises

These exercises help to learn words and phrases in English with the help of video fragments. These include:

  • listening;
  • searching for missed words;
  • creating phrases;
  • making sentences;
  • writing down the text by ear;
  • selection of prepositions.

For learning grammar, we created special video tutorials with exercises. This combination of theoretical material and practice is useful for both visual learners and for those who perceive information aurally.

Vocabulary trainings

These exciting English exercises enrich your vocabulary. Here you can:

  • choose synonyms and antonyms;
  • train the use of irregular verbs;
  • compose words and phrases.

We offer you to increase the vocabulary with the help of a bright photo dictionary. The vocabulary training also includes the analysis of common mistakes.

ІІІ. Principle of active use

Language, that is not used, is forgotten. Without active communication and systematic reading, vocabulary can not be preserved in memory, it evaporates. But you do not need to keep all the necessary words and phrases in mind: on our website you can add them to the online dictionary, and add the videos and texts you like in your personal library.

We made it possible for you not only to comprehend the basics of the English language, but also to improve your level, constantly progress, chatting with friends from different countries, or communicating personally with members of the Speechyard community.

We will use the full range of IT tools, so that using our games for learning English becomes a bright and exciting adventure for you.