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Common mistakes

Choose the correct option
My watch goes two minutes behind.
My watch is two minutes slow.

We can also say: My watch loses or gains.

They're anxious for his health.
They're anxious about his health.


Anxious (= troubled) 


Anxious meaning wishing very much takes for. Parents are anxious for their children's success. 

The others boys aren't here.
The other boys aren't here.

Others isn't an adjective but a pronoun. The adjective is other (without the s) We can say: The others aren't here, omitting the noun boys.

Robert took his brother from the hand.
Robert took his brother by the hand.

Also: hold by, catch by, seize by, snatch by, grasp by.

She is from the nicest girls I know.
She is one of the nicest girls I know.

Avoid using from in the sense of one of or among.

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