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Billie Piper - So Deep lyrics with translation (on click)

So Deep - Billie Piper

words to study

I never lie

I give you alibyes

If you want me to leave

Or choose not to decive


I recive all this information

From a source of a venue

You know like a tourest

Like a spicalialty to me alright

I gotta on my mind boy

Acting like a dry man

Thats cool to make them break the rules

But you have to understand

Cos I'm into you, ah

The way I feel for you

The remedy is you

So deep inside

No matter how you run and try to hide

Everywhere you go

I'm going to find you

I'm going to find you

Livin' with a spot can satisfy the heart

Rhythm with a spot is what I call my art

Now, my first impression

Leads you to obsession

Keep your posessions

Don't number me among them

I plead to do the deed