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Carpenters - Bacharach/David Medley lyrics with translation (on click)

Bacharach/David Medley - Carpenters

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> Knowing When To Leave <

Go while the going is good

Knowing when to leave may be

The smartest thing anyone can learn, go!

I'm afraid my heart isn't very smart

Fly while your still have your wings

Knowing when to leave never let you reach

The point of no return, fly!

Foolish as it seems

I still have my dreams

So I keep hoping, day after day

As I wait for the man I need

Night after night as I wish

For a love that can be

Though I'm sure that no one can tell where their

Wishes and hopes will lead, somehow I feel

There is hapiness waiting for me

When someone walks in your life

You just better be sure it's right

'Cause if he's wrong, there's are heartaches and tears you must pay

Keep both of your eyes on the door

Never let it get out of sight

Just be prepared when the time has come

You run away

Sail when the wind starts to blow

Bul like a fool I don't know when to leave

> Make It Easy On Yourself <

And make it easy on yourself

Make it easy on yourself, easy on yourself

'Cause breaking up si so very hard to do

>(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me<

If you should find you miss

The sweet and tender love we used to share

Love we used to share