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Coolio - Exercise Yo Game lyrics with translation (on click)

Exercise Yo Game - Coolio

words to study

When I was fifteen years old

Straight dog game I was told

I went from selling pennies in a writers dike

Time and ass through the psychic breaker

Situation critical phone home

Phone home

Talk about my digital

Call phone

Ya seen a boatload of situations

Fedanglelations invalid ghetto pass late ass registrations

Boy I tell you she was pitiful


Hopefully repentable

Get it right

I try to stay away from artificial plastic ass

Blow the motherfucking individual

Exercise your game man

Cause things is changin' and rearrangin'

Exercise your game man

Just use your brain man don't run the same game

Exercise your game man

Fertilize your grass player get that cash

Exercise your game man

But you gotta make it last

One low loco gone ride away

Into the sunset but I ain't done yet

Respect yourself and wear your best

Keep your guard up cause we'll be hard up

When your hittin' dips better check your clip

And watch the police and the Bloods and the Crips

Anyway you do it gotta pay your dues

Keep one in the chamber cause the shoes always loose

Rubber wheels beat rubber heels anyday

Put the green in your jeans and get the hoes out your halo

Or you can stay broke while your homies is rollin smokes

And sippin yak and smokin denk and tellin' jokes

Babap babap

Fool you get laughed at