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Dethklok - Skyhunter lyrics with translation (on click)

Skyhunter - Dethklok

words to study

Hard charged and convinced it's contagious

Put away in a box like a beast

Sweat salt watch my back

Like a crime boss

My life's blood siphoned out of me

Take my power and trade it away

Now I live in Kryptonite

Do what I must to have it again

And I'll explode the planet tonight

I'm on the inside separated by concrete

The wretched filth being

Slashed and shivved

Meet a man who can find a way out

I'll promise everything

So that I can live

Deep in a coffin they will carry me

Next to a corpse to be buried alive

Await my savior in a waking nightmare

The shovel scraping is my blackened new life