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Edwyn Collins - The Campaign for Real Rock lyrics with translation (on click)

The Campaign for Real Rock - Edwyn Collins

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Don't try so hard to be different

The cracks are beginning to show

You drift like a cloud through the festival crowd

In a frock coat from Saville Row

You've just been an all-night party

Where I have to admit it takes pluck

To go out on the floor and proclaim "What a bore"

In a T-shirt that reads "Disco Sucks"

Yes, here he comes, the not-so-young

Pretender to the Throne

He's singing "Rag, Momma, Rag"

Won't you give that poor dog a bone?

And he's wondering why we can't connect

When he's sworn to us that he's totally wrecked

On the rustic charm that he affects

On a public schoolboy whim

With a raggle taggle plastic gypsy

Robert Zimmerframe

With a synthesized accordian

A-scramblin' up my brain