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Kendrick Lamar - Ab-Soul's Outro lyrics with translation (on click)

Ab-Soul's Outro - Kendrick Lamar

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What's your life about? Enlighten me

Is you gon' live on your knees or die on your feet?

There's fire in the street, fire in the swisher

Fire in between the two legs of your lil' sister

Just get a sip of this elixir

before they crop us out the picture

I've never seen a crop circle

but I've cops circle the block, I puff squares

But I swear one day I'ma stop, my nerves itch

On the brink of my career while my peers struggle for employment

Can you hear these screams? (Uncle Sam ain't no killing me)

One, two, three, four grams and a fifth of Hennessy

A bad bitch, fuck the penitentiary

[sung by female]

Section 80's babies, blame Ronald Reagan

We raising hell


Lord forbid

The homie got wet, so we tryna soak it in

The president is black, but you can't vote for skin

You vote for the better man

Come to our show, you can see the diversity

Unify the people, they gon' peep it universally

We might not change the world, but we gon' manipulate it

I hope you participating

Aiyyo Dot, won't you let these cats know?

We knew we'd be here like back in '04

Started HiiiPoWeR because our generation needed a generator

and the system made to disintegrate us

And all we do is assist 'em

We're not victors, we're victims

The bigger picture isn't developed yet

Like, what if kids were celibate?

Or what is Tammy came across a real man

who didn't play games like chil-dren?

My nigga cheated on his girlfriend

with his girlfriend's girlfriend, let the world end

And everybody tripping off twenty-twelve

and the extraterrestrial presence as well

(Odd Future's aight) but our future's not

That martial law shit drop, we gon' all get got

So keep that question mark on your face

Eat your fast-food, use your fluoride toothpaste

Hide your feelings from the public, work your lil' nine-to-five