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Lil Wayne - Bloodline lyrics with translation (on click)

Bloodline - Lil Wayne

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[Verse 1]

The streets make the hustlas

Hustlas make the world go round

The world is made of keys, ounces and pounds

The keys, ounces and pounds is made from hustlas

See how shit come back round for ya

Gotta cop it, chop it and cook it

See how shit come back round for ya

Gotta kick in the oven now watch it bubble

And you can knock on my door

But you can't knock the hustle

But I- it's like a game of twenty-one and I got nineteen

And my Jake but I put more 'd' on me

Lil Weezy Wee gon eat that's how it is

Got insurance on the floor man I'm that positive

And I'm shaggy in the saggy lens

Me an my squad in the paddy wagon tally Benz

And you know I put the mags on that

.45 mack with the flash on that

Who want it

Everybody sing along

[Hook x2]

Now I'ma ride cuz I got riding in my bloodline

And I'ma shine cuz I got shining in my bloodline

I get that dough cuz I got hustle in my bloodline

I play concrete

[Verse 2]

And when I move, I move out with the raw