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Little Jimmy Osmond - Tweedlee Dee lyrics with translation (on click)

Tweedlee Dee - Little Jimmy Osmond

words to study

Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Dee

I’m as happy as can be

Jiminy Cricket, Jiminy Jack

You make my heart go clickity-clack

Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Dee

Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle, Da

How you gonna keep that

Honey you got

Honkies, honkies spickety spice

I’m gonna see my honey tonight

Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Da

Tweedlee Dee, Tweedlee Dee

Give it up, give it up

Give your love to me

Tweedlee Da, Tweedlee Da

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Gimme ,Gimme all the love you got

Humpy dum dum dum