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Lorde - Glory and Gore lyrics with translation (on click)

Glory and Gore - Lorde

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There's a humming in the restless summer air

And we're slipping off the course that we prepared

But in all chaos, there is calculation

Dropping glasses just to hear them break

You've been drinking like the world was gonna end (it didn't)

Took a shiner from the fist of your best friend (go figure)

It's clear that someone's gotta go

We mean it but I promise we're not mean


And the cry goes out

They lose their minds for us

And how it plays out

Now we're in the ring

And we're coming for blood


You could try and take us (oh-oh)

But we're the gladiators (Oh! Oh!)

Everyone a rager (oh-oh)

But secretly they're saviors

Glory and gore go hand in hand

That's why we're making headlines (Oh! Oh!)

You could try and take us (oh-oh)

But victory's contagious

Delicate in every way but one (the swordplay)