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Mickey Avalon - Dipped In Vaseline lyrics with translation (on click)

Dipped In Vaseline - Mickey Avalon

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I stroll down the Ave like big Johnny Rogers

I pull tricks for a fix and tonight I got flows for hos with low self esteem and,

More for those swallow protein.

The kid from the 60s stars in skin flicks and,

Pays the rent inch after inch;

But now I get fly with lyrics

While you guys be on some queer shit.

Check out the way I take a mark for all that he's got and a whole lot more

Cause when your drawers hit your ankles

I untake the shank out my sock and take the bank roll.

Oh shit you just got lit by an illegitimate kid out the orphanage run and shit.

I'm cumin with styles you can't handle smoother than the velvet that was hanging from my mantle.

So light a candle and praise yo' Lord

Mickey Avalon's some shit you can afford.

All up on the scene

Dipped in Vaseline

In a mask and jeans

Girl I'll smash your dreams

All up on the scene

Dipped in Vaseline

In a mask and jeans girl

I'm a constraint hotty getting saucy at the swap meet

If you want to party

Get my number and call me

From dawn to dusk I bust nuts and shoot Charlie

When you got some money then come and get yo' jollies

A Quarantine in this California dream

All up on the scene dipped in Vaseline