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ScHoolboy Q - Fuck LA lyrics with translation (on click)

Fuck LA - ScHoolboy Q

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[Hook X2]

Pussy lips, Contraband's for chips, sold all kinds of shit

Hoover Crip, guns on fingertips, switched all kinda clips

50 raised, since my county days, brought all kind of fades

Renegade, fuck what rappers say, bitch I am LA!

[Verse 1]

Gimme bucks, might show up in tux

Got my millions up, nigga what?

Spanish ho in cut, she supreme deluxe

Asian broads eat Caucasian broads, guess I'm dipped in sauce

Link up fool, gunplay pika-boo, guess who tagging you?

Bring showers through, grab ya bathing suit

We-we-wet em all, cannonball

Swipe my debit card, fly from here to Mars